My Life


Thank You

Thank you for visiting my website. You along with many others have made my life such a wonderful adventure. Music has been an important part of my life and has helped me deal with many of life's challenges. I hope you enjoy my music, and I hope it inspires you like the music of many others inspires me.

My Life

My love of music began at a young age while learning to play the guitar and piano. In the beginning, I learned everything that I could from Taylor Swift to Miranda Lambert. It was contagious and fun, but I wanted more. I wanted to write my own songs, and do things my own way. Songwriting is now my passion. Your support has allowed me to open for many great bands like Kyle Park, Fastball, Mingo Fish Trap and others. I have learned so much, and look forward to learning so much more on this beautiful journey. 

My Goal

My goal as an artist is to pave the way to writing country songs with a modern edge. Performing in many venues across the South and writing with so many great writers has been a blessing I enjoy sharing with others while trying to find the perfect sound. Being able to do this for a living is rare, but it is what I long to do.  Your support means everything. 

My Commitment

I commit to providing the best performance possible.   The musicians who I work with and the equipment that I have access to enables  me to achieve a quality sound and performance.  If you walk away inspired and renewed, I have done my job.  If not, please tell me how I can be better. 

Your Support

There have been so many people who have not only been such an inspiration, but have supported my efforts in many ways.  I cannot thank you enough for all of your help.  I will forever be indebted to those who have been there for me, when not everyone would have.  Thank you for being a part of this journey.  It truly means the world to me. 


A career in music is a collaborative effort.  Many of the songs that I have written have been with the help of  so many talented artists.  Most of my performances have required the assistance of numerous people.  From great producers, writers, friends and fans, an artist is the product of many.   I hope to continue to represent the good in all of the people that have helped me along the way.